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Segway Autorized Tour in Malaga

Segway Experience Malaga offers you tours to get to know a different city.

Malaga is a beautiful city with a lot to offer. Come to Muelle 1 and live this new experience, discover a different city, go all over the historic centre or explore the remote corners with this innovative system. Imagine you visit Malaga with no effort; that you go along the park promenade while our staff tells you in a really enjoyable way the history of this city.

Segway Malaga Experience welcomes you.

You may want to feel an exciting sensationor a quiet nature walk, whatever you feel like Segway Malaga Experience and Malaga City will give it to you. Any excursion you can imagine, we will make it true.

We offer tours with small groupsif you wish to, with the aim of offering an exclusive service; although we can also organize tours for bigger groups to go all over the streets and corners of our city.

This experience will change your movement perception in any place forever.

AThe Segway PT (Segway Personal Transporter) ) is the first of its kind—self-balancing personal transportation designed to go anywhere you go. With a Segway, you can commute, shop, and run errands more quickly while enjoying a ride like nothing you've ever experienced. Try one today and you too will discover the Segway smile!

BThe Segway PT (Segway Personal Transporter) is easy to drive, long-lasting and you can recharge it in any socket. So what else can you ask for? Segway PT will change the way of getting around because it is not only a funny transport.

Our offer includes professional services for businesses and organizations, Segways renting and selling or the management of mobile advertising campaigns. We can’t forget our touristic services, relaxing promenades around the most emblematic places of Malaga or our guided tours will surprise you.

CThe Segway PT (Segway Personal Transporter) increases Productivity and Improves Your Bottom Line. The Segway PT is actively used by businesses because of its practical and demonstrable characteristics that directly impact the bottom line. The Segway PT improves: Mobility, Visibility, Responsiveness, Versatility, Maneuverability Energy Efficiency.

DThe Segway PT (Segway Personal Transporter) is continually leveraging existing technologies and expertise to develop forward-thinking concepts that seek to address today's urban transportation challenges.

Discover how the Segway PT can make your business more profitable, your city more livable and your daily life more convenient. Discover what fun, smart transportation feels like! Get moving. We invite you to visit our website, where you can find a World of possibilities, a different way of moving around.

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